The UNC Holding LLC community is active in a variety of realms, from the professional to academic. Here is a sampling of the people who make up UNC Holding LLC and its growing collection of capabilities. Click a term on the right to highlight someone involved in a particular capability or industry. At UNC Holding LLC, we believe that innovation happens through networks of inspired people, and we consider our community to be one of our strongest assets.
With a network that includes several professional companies in the USA and abroad — as well as people affiliated with academic institutions — UNC Holding LLC is able to collaborate at scale and effect meaningful change faster and more systemically than those who go it alone. UNC Holding LLC also maintains a fellowship program for a handful of influential thinkers and practitioners who contribute to our culture of innovation.
In Memoriam
“Few people think about it or are aware of it. But there is nothing made by human beings that does not involve a design decision somewhere.” - James Jay Holcomb (aka. Anthony Jay Cantwell)
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Carol Adams

Managing Director. Carol has proudly been a “beverage guy” since her early days as a sales manager for Nantucket Spirits  in New York.  The hours were long and the work was hard, but the thrill of building a brand, account by account, was addicting.  His efforts there helped position the brand for broader success, and his passion for beverages and for startups was forged.

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Tom Phillips

Senior Advisor. Tom has had a love for food and beverages since he was a kid. On a trip to Spain in 1989, during his senior year of college, he discovered a peach nectar that would inspire his entrepreneurial drive and eventually help him to transform the juice drink industry in the United States. 

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Jason Parker

Vice President, Finance. Jason grew up near Cincinnati, spending most weekends on a family farm that always had a keg of beer on tap. So it could be said that he developed a love of beer at an “early age.” That love of beer was nurtured through college and recently revitalized during the rise craft breweries.

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Steven Mitchell

Production Manager. An avid beer and wine enthusiast, Steven does not consider himself new to the beverage industry.  He is excited to work with and learn from the hundreds of beverage entrepreneurs that have built the industry into what it is today.

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Sharon Wright

Business Development Coordinator. As a college gymnast, a yoga enthusiast and a mother of three, Sharon has always been interested in nutrition and wellness and has found a comfortable home in the beverage industry because it draws upon her entrepreneurial spirit and her passion for a healthy lifestyle.

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Elizabeth Carter

Marketing Manager. Elizabeth joined UNC Holding LLC because she was attracted to the entrepreneurial culture of the company with German heritage.  She has enjoyed working with beverage distributors and their management teams. Though she wears many hats, Elizabeth’s primary responsibility at UNC Holding LLC is to manage our customer portfolio.

Related Keywords:cordials  cocktails  team